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Astrology, Tarot, And More: So, hello, I'm Ashley :) Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to my blog/ house cleaning & energy cleansing business page!

First and foremost, this is meant for my house cleaning business but has clearly been overrun by my hobby of researching different religions and things like "The Happiest Places In The World". but like I stated above, this is actually meant for my customers to come here and read about what I do during my house cleaning and energy cleansing services, what's included in a standard cleaning, and etc. You can find this information in the ATM House Cleaning Blog here:


About the blogging, I really enjoy reading about these other subjects I blog about and I share the parts that stand out to me and seem profound, with you so that you can have some of the hidden treasure as well. lol. I feel that nothing I write about can do you harm to read, in fact, it may even be good for y9our soul.

Click here for a blog that is surely to give you a new word in your vocabulary:

Above is me last summer, my hair is red now.

Who am I? You may ask...

I am a 28 year old mother of 3 and I recently decided I was done going to college after 11 long years of working on/changing my area of study on a simple associates degree. I am deciding to put in the hard work of running a business instead and do something I am good at already and that is cleaning! :) Not to mention the satisfying instant gratification of watching a room go from dirty to clean... I can do this for a long time I believe.

I am also a licensed esthetician so I managed the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta for a few years and then kids changed my entire life...for the better of course :) but I had to sacrifice my esthetician job there and be a stay at home mom for a few years. Then Covid happened and the Benefit Brow Bars along with many other esthetician businesses just aren't as busy anymore. I did try at a salon for 6 months of the year last year in 2021 and it was just desolate when it came to clients wanting facials and waxing. I also do not like dealing with ripping hair off people as much as I used to.

So here I am now, a proud house cleaning business owner. I spend my days seeing different houses and getting to know families and individuals and making other people's lives easier and most of all, cleaner. Whether you want your house cleaned only or you would like me to cleanse the bad juju out of your home's aura as well, well, that my friend is completely up to you but I do offer both services.

More About Me:

Thanks for Reading

I hope you take some time to dive into my blogs on my research as well as my house cleaning main blog about just my services. I want to clean houses but I also want to warm peoples hearts. ;) I am a handful, I know.

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