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Qi and Feng Shui 11/16/21

Updated: Dec 20, 2021


Stemming from ancient China, Feng Shui is the belief that everything has Qi or aka life force energy. QI is free floating everywhere and there’s certain ways you can arrange your furniture, build a house, or directions you can face (north, south, west, east, etc.) that help to allow the Qi to flow better and more constant in a room, and in turn making the energy of the room calmer rather Than chaotic feeling. It is an ancient Chinese art and science First developed some 6,000 years ago.

The different directional suggestions are based specifically on your own personal calculations from your birth year and using a certain formula To determine your number. Your number decides which directions are good for you to face when studying, sleeping, working, and Which directions are detrimental to you. Some directions promote healthy relationships for you, some drain your finances. Depending on where you place your bed if it’s under a window they say the rain will keep you awake. Some consequences are worse than others in terms of something not being Feng Shui but it might come in handy to make sure you’re not sleeping in a direction that makes you prone to having A house fire 🔥.

Recommended Books:

1) Feng Shui For Dummies.



Qi is worked with in other forms of Chinese medicine like acupuncture too. They work with the Qi that are energetically connected to your chakras. Read more about chakras in the witchcraft section.

How Should Your Place Be Arranged?

According to Feng Shui we all have an individual trigram number that determines all of how our areas of our home should be arranged. To figure out your personal Trigram Number follow along the instructions on the website you are about to be redirected to.. visit the click me button below (I suggest getting a piece of paper and a pen):

Now In the same link, once you have determined your person Trigram number, the section below that on the page is called "Get your Personal Trigram Graphic " ... Go ahead and click on your personal Element # and read about what element you are (water, air, fire, earth) and read about your traits, see your perfect color scheme for painting/ your worst colors for you, and when you get to the 4 power directions for your element make sure that you get your phone and down load the compass app and start checking if your body is facing the direction it says that are in your four power directions because it doesn't mention the negatives on this site but in my Feng Shui for dummies book it literally says that facing a wrong direction for you can cause things like being susceptible to house fires. In short try to arrange in a way that you are facing your back to one of the 4 directions it says are your power directions. There is your beginning to becoming Feng Shui in every room of your house.

Here is how you find your Feng Shui Personal Gua Chart based on your birth year:

More ways to be Feng Shui:

Now that you're all dialed in to your basics you can start googling more information for your trigram and Gua Chart :)

My Room Feng Shui
11/22/21: So Far I have discovered that according to my Trigram #8 my room is set up pretty well according to Feng Shui. I am facing a favorable direction when I work because my back is facing the correct direction for family harmony, and harmonious social relationships. I do feel that my relationships with everyone in my life are going very smoothly and I do sit like this direction a lot while working and doing stuff on my computer. I blame my psych meds for all my positive relationships with people now a days but hey maybe it's partially Feng Shui! lol. My bed is faced the correct direction, my room is balanced with fire/ water elements (candles and a essential oil vaporizer),I have rounded and squared cornered furniture, but my bed is the only part non Feng Shui (being under a window) but it isn't really a detrimental Feng Shui move, they just think the sound of the rain could wake me up.

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