• Ashley Russell

Numerology 11/28/21

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

I am studying different beliefs as well as how they rid of negative unwanted energies. I have been haunted growing up so was my mom, and now my kids are speaking of seeing things. I am on a spiritual quest to rid of anything negative or harmful that may be attached to our house or our family. There is a personal Journal section at the very bottom where I log how I am incorporating each one into my life/ the results. In this section there's first the history and then some interactive fun with how numerology relates to you,

What is Numerology?

Numerology Is the Study of Numbers and the science of how they actually connect with life. It is said that each letter corresponds to a number. That every word resonates a certain energy including names. It is said that even your name will convert numerically and "spell out" (no pun intended) your destiny.

Sometimes we are connected to the 4th dimension, like having a clairvoyant moment, for example, seeing through gift paper knowing what was inside intuitively with no prior clues.

Numbers of a word explain a word perfectly. Numbers are occult symbols. Occultism is the study of the hidden side of nature; observing it as a whole rather than in parts (like science does). The way that numbers line up with letters give meaning and are symbolic can make someone feel that science and God are truly one in the same. The science in numerology is about the number vibration and how we can discover hidden meanings in everyday words, names and in character analysis. Author Shirley Blackwell Lawrence "had a thirst for knowledge" and went on a "quest for truth" in her book "The Big book of Numerology". So before we get into our individual numbers for insight into out own lives, lets look at where numerology became into existence.

Numerology's Roots

The bible mentions ALOT about the power of words. "A good name is better than a precious ointment."-Ecclesiastes

"For I say unto you that every foolish word which men speak, they will have to answer to it on the day of judgement. For by your words you shall be found guilty...for the mouth speaks from fullness of the heart." -Matthew 12:34

The spoken word is very powerful because it brings forth a thought and a thought is the start of every manifestation. Everything we see/hear is an impression made on our brain cells, which are living tissue. In a way we're all copycats of everything we have ever seen or heard. Thus our thought material has a profound affect on our life experiences. The physical plane is 3 dimensional, all about height, width, and thickness. We see the surface of all things but do not perceive what is inside. So the 4th dimension is the unseen of what we see. An example of this is our physical body and pour astral or etheric bodies. This is our energy body. A way to feel where your etheric body is is by holding your hands close together and not touching and you can feel the energy body. "There is a natural body and a spiritual body." Corinthians 15:44

When we understand the laws of vibration then we have to understand the power we have in our thoughts. Everything has measurable wavelengths and vibrations. From colors to heat to sound and so on... Even diseases have been measured by special instruments by measuring all the reactions to the body affected by the disease and an American Dr. named Dr. Abrams was able to assign a numerical value to each disease. He believed the cure could also be figured out by numbers. Numbers are supposedly the key to all mysteries.

Pythagoras was a man foretold being born by an oracle and they said he would enlighten man kind. Sure enough Pythagoras studied many religions in person in different places. He learned the mysteries of Adonis. who was the Egyptian Sun God at the time. He opened up a school studying religions all around the world. In his lectures he stressed the importance of wisdom above all else. He taught how anger was not wise. Academically his students were taught the "triangular foundation of all arts and sciences." The teaching were occult mathematics, music, and astronomy. "Number" was the underlying principle of all three sciences, great importance was attached to this. The science of numbers was considered to be the origin of all things, and it was believed that a greater knowledge of God could be gained by understanding numbers. Much of the Egyptian philosophy and religion he studied for 22 years was built almost completely the science of numbers.

Some Insight

Numbers never fail, numbers are the law. There is nothing made that doesn't have size, shape, and dimension. "Without the word was not anything made that was made" and "For it is through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things that are seen came to be from those which are not seen." (-Hebrews 11:3.) When a word is spoken it sets up a vibratory condition that allows it to be heard. You see, without vibration all that is would cease to exist. This is because everything is composed of basic universal substance that appears different only because of that substance's grouping of atoms and rate of movement.

Looking further at Jesus and Jehovah's names you will see what they actually mean, how they create a trinity, what n umbers their names equal. and why the bible mentions "word" so much. Once you look up the Double Star of the Sephir Yetzirah, Three of the Sephiroth (tree of life), The Three Pillars of the Sephirotic Tree, and The Four Worlds ... you will realize why certain numbers are mentioned in the bile, where things like the 12 zodiac signs come from.

The First Letter of a Name.

What Letter Does Your Name Start With...Each name starts with a letter and here is what you should know about each letter. I am sorry they're extremely out of order because in numerology 3 random letters are grouped together and I am doing them in order. The bold lettering should help you find your letter quickly.

Names starting with letter A should never smoke because A stands for Aleph and that means the breath of life AKA air, nothing can exist without it, and people whose names start with A should leave their lungs alone. The lesson of A is that of self control. The line in the middle of the two vertical lines symbolizes the balance of the upper spiritual and the lower material worlds that giving "A" a balance of forces or energies to help with this lesson.

Names starting with the letter J are usually religious, for J carries a cross that is also a crown. J's are not followers they are natural leaders and do not like being told what to do. The truly negative "J" is dishonest. As a rule though J is witty, clever, and cautious. It can be outstanding in it's work. J is on a rocker not firmly in a position, this means be careful of accidents because the J is precariously off balance.

Names starting with the letter S barely finish one project before its time to start another. S is a self starter and achiever. S's enjoy working alone and do their best without interference. They enjoy expressing their individuality and don't care what other people think. S people make good actors, It's serpentine shape symbolically reveals the fact that it has the wisdom of the serpent. This letter consists of two C's and one is open to the spiritual/mental plane, and the other is the material/physical plane. So it not only sees both realms and is physic but can control both worlds as well.

B names like to collect things, be close to home and is shy and needs affection. B is the builder, B can be all "boxed up" because they're emotional and keep a lot inside. B has a solid baseline which means "fixed opinions". When negative, B's can be secretive and sneaky. B is pronounced "be" meaning "having existence."

K needs music to calm down and give inspiration. When it allows it's light to shine it is a great inspiration to other people. The lower part of a k is a v upside down, suggesting material influence. The side of K is a wide V like a crescent moon giving light to all and like a C scattering it's energies. K is as spiritual (upper v) as it is material (lower v), hence divine love or human love. Venus the planet off love rules it.

T represents self sacrifice by the crossbar load on it's shoulder's on a precarious one line base ( like a cross. ). T loves family and is protective of it. T needs spiritual unfoldment of it feels burdened. T can be easily hurt and often feels used. The cross means "self sacrifice, martyr, self pity and poor me". T in the first letter of a name needs a partner. To be a good partner in relationships T needs to be true and honest to themselves.

C is good with words. C is pronounced "see" and it does indeed see for it is psychic but is not always aware of it. C is like an open mouth, it loves to talk. C is open to recieve talents, has many kinds of creative self expression, and are sometimes a real show off. They want to enjoy life, have fun, and not take things so seriously. C's are artistic and prefer professional work. Negative C's may have loose morals or may be too critical of others. C's gossip, and like to travel.

The prospective juror has a personal obligation to provide care to another between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Comparable care is not economically practical. The prospective juror would suffer an extreme financial burden which would compromise his/her ability to support him/herself or his/her dependents.

L is for loving. It's nature is loving and devoted to family. L can be warm, expressive and loving, When upset by circumstances L can be cold, aloof, and sarcastic. L's need self control and don't have the balancing line in the middle like the letter A. They sometimes feel they don't need this self control because they feel attractive and feel that others will admire them just the same. They think they can get away with being critical and still remain attractive. L is highly creative and are usually happy and outgoing, finding popularity and success . L is not as spontaneous because because it's base is straight and will not move as quickly, so it considers things before acting. L's L has a good legal mind because it's intuition gives it good insight into people's actions. L makes a good teacher, singer, speaker, and preachers and it's not strange that they are equally vocal when negative, using hurtful words, sarcasm, and criticism.

U is open to receive talents and good fortune (horseshoe shape). It can however, rock, spill over and roll over like a cup is filled to much with selfishness and greed. This cup called U is endowed with creative imagination, and charm, along with nervous tension is remaining it's balance. The base rocks from past to future, left to right, an indication of uncertainty and indecision. U has high ideals and often is conservative. This conservativeness is made clear by it's two high sides, it creates it's own boundaries. U's have good voices and music abilities. Negative U's are jealous, temperamental, quarrelsome, and sarcastic.

D is closed in, often feeling enclosed by limitations. They feel they must often rise above unfavorable circumstances. D is firmly standing on a line so it is a letter of balance. It understands the material side and it can be opinionated. It can be ultra-conservative, held in by it's own boundaries. D has to see to believe things. They can be work-a-holics and very dull, but they love their families, are patriotic, and trustworthy. D will work hard to achieve. D is almost a square shape and believes in a square deal or being "fair and square".

M represents water which is necessary for all creation. The apparent "v" shape in the middle of M gives M good management abilities. It is good in positions of authority and has a great memory. M is the only letter pronounces with the mouth closed, This signifies that there is great value and strength in silence, for M is mute. For it is in rest that we renew our energies. M's are hard workers and conservative to the point that they forget to relax and enjoy what they've earned. The ups and downs of M's shape suggest upsetting qualities. M's can be careless. It is important for them to keep their thoughts above earthly things. The middle "v" with it's arms stretched up suggests calling for spiritual help, which it gets through intuition.

V is a good leader, or to be evil if working on the other side of the vibration. V's need good moral precepts if they are to be fulfilled and and able to and able to contribute something of worth as they are meant to do. Without spiritual enlightenment this person can be all materialistic and become hardened by life and even become a criminal . The V is an inverted mountain top which may cause them feel like it takes climbing mountains to achieve their goals, this is due to all their nervous energy. V will spend all their money on their desires and then feel the need for financial security. V stands on a precarious point touching the earth line. The point of V is insecure and needs an understanding of finances. V has strength and vision and the ability to work hard, it it correlated with the number 22/4 meaning the tireless worker. V's love their family and are definitely the marrying type.

E is open to talk sing and speak, so it is a letter of communication. When negative is can be vocally critical of others. E is open all around so it needs its freedom. It tends to have a nervous temperament and a temper. It is important for E to have a good education. E has a good balanced line making it interested in the occult as well as the material. E: Energetic, Effective.

N is well balanced on the earth plane and is the very same when reversed. It can be very sensual or spiritual since there is no line separating the two worlds. The inverted "v" on the left is open to the material world, the "v" on the right is open to something higher than themselves. Due to being open above and below, its is versatile and encounters many changes in life. It is associated with marriage and travel. On it's side N is a "z" and this gives psychic awareness that is subtle and often not used but is evident by the two intuitive 7's that make up the "z."

W names have a change of consciousness at some time in their lives. They've

experienced the consonant form of indulgence, some in lesser degree than others. Those who dissipate themselves are in the deep valleys, a pit that is difficult to ascend. Only through a change of consciousness can they pull out and scale the peaks. Experiencing the peaks of the W is indeed "like the eye of man that sees light and the ear that hear the Air and wind, for only the ear that is attuned to these subtle sounds hears the inner voice,."

F is not as well balanced as E. F needs to be calm and avoid confusion. The two lines that are horizontal are like two arms reaching out to help others near them. They are most fulfilled when they accomplish something that is of benefit to other people, whether their own friends, family, or community. F desires artistic surroundings. F has an open mind and a sixth sense. F is open to new ideas. F's are idealistic and as a rule they wish to express beauty. Their calm exteriors give them a parental look. When negative they go on a silent streak and will not speak for days, using it's voice as a silent weapon. When negative they want to control their family and friends. Otherwise F is a happy family vibration.

O is the shape of an eye and was used by the early church to represent the all seeing eye of God. No matter how you turn it, it remains the same shape; this means O's have fixed opinions. O is moody but can hide it's feelings well. O is possessive and wants to hold its own within its own circle. O represents home, finances, and finances. It attracts money but should never take chances. It is highly protective, responsible and has a conservative nature. Negative O's are nervous, smug in their self-righteousness, worrisome, and meddlesome. On the destructive side they can be jealous, suspicious, cynical, or tyrannical.

X is dealing with the "law of the circle" What you reap you sow type of symbol as is you sow good X is your cross of resurrection, and if you sow bad, X is your cross you must bear. X is the 24th letter of the English alphabet and the 15th in Hebrew. This relates to being attractive as well as love and family. When negative X crosses itself out and if it feels another has crossed it it becomes bitter and seeks revenge. X stands firmly on the earth's plane and is likely open to materialism yet it's arms are stretched up to the sky asking for spiritual help. It is either all material or all spiritual. Having a 'V" on all sides it is open to a lot of nervous energy. X's have falls or accidents unless they can find their spirituality. Because X is so open to psychic energy, it rarely uses it. X feels things so deeply it's sorrows can be intense. It's desire is to improve conditions for mankind or to help family and friends can be so great it will sacrifice itself to do so.

G is inclined towards religion since it is the 7th letter of the alphabet and 7 relates to spirituality. G is a good vibration for any of the arts since it will practice until perfect. It is a good vibration for writing, religion, and science because of it's strong analytical abilities and desire for perfection. G is conservative and prefers quality over quantity. G can speak beautifully, saying little but saying much. G works best alone and should not go into partnership, is more concerned with their selves than others, is reserved, opinionated, strong-willed, wants to solve hidden meanings, wants to understand people's motives, prefers to be a lone more, and keeps it's own counsel and can be secretive. Peace is necessary to G, it needs time to reflect and rest and balance out energies. When negative and out of balance G will appear cold and unaffectionate. The negative G can be very critical, sarcastic, aloof, even morbid, and use harmful words. IT can be nervous or crafty. It can also be easily hurt.

P is a circle on a line, the head on the self, so it's an intellectual vibration, has mental curiosity, and is good at concentration. It leans toward being opinionated and stubborn. It's double traits are power and servitude. When unbalanced be can be very domineering. When negative P is not a good business or marriage partner. P can accomplish anything when it perceives what it must do, does it promptly, and perseveres until it is done to perfection. All words that start with P promote Power, both physical and mental.

Y names have a leaning toward the mystical, a desire to learn the mysteries of life. Y is a deep thinker. Idle talk can be most discomforting to a Y. the "v" in the Y is at the mind's level and is a deep cup open to ideas and deep thoughts. There is a feeling of desiring quiet time, rest, and peaceful surroundings. The materialistic Y may get an urge to explore something more spiritual but may ignore it. In it's negative state this will happen and in its extreme negative state it will become a loner. Y is the path to god and because of it's two branches there will decisions will have to be made quickly and they may be difficult for them to make.

H resembles a ladder, and a ladder has two directions up and down. We can descend into the negative or ascend into the positive all deciding upon our thoughts. H is the 8th letter in the alphabet and is a symbol of "as above, so below" and when this person does good deeds the ascend into the positive of the ladder or bad deeds they go down on the ladder. H has both feel positively on the ground. H will either be very successful or face some hardships. There is much power with the letter and many opportunities that present themselves. H much put forth effort in order to continue success. As a boss H is either a loving leader or a terrible tyrant. H must decide to remain material minded or advance mentally. The negative H is too demanding.

Q's are willing to give themselves 100 percent. They're loyal, sympathetic and understanding. Q's seem to have a knack for making money and want to be the very best they can be. If well balanced they are very likely to obtain outstanding success. Q's are often quite psychic. Often the Q needs help. The Q can easily l