• Ashley Russell

Power Of Jesus Christ: Fighting Spiritual Warfare 11/16/21

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I will be writing all about spiritual protection through means of believing in Jesus Christ once I get to this section. I cannot fully do this until last though because I want to be actually practicing being a Christian while I perform those protection prayers and whatever it entails. That means I have to do all the other cultural protections first because they don't inhibit what else you can believe in. I have started a journal about my current realizations about my current beliefs and practices according to Christianity and the Journals will progress as I dive deep into Christianity in the last part of my research. This journal will be at the very bottom of this page (when you scroll to the very bottom).

Lester Sumrall was a Pentecostal Pastor. of evangelism who wrote a book called "Demons The Answer Book" after years of being a Pastor and preforming countless exorcisms around the world on his missionary trips. This specific branch of Christianity goes strictly off the exact word of the bible. We are all living in a world that is considered the "Devil's Playground". As we have all heard before the devil rules the earth with temptation and God reigns superior in the after life, if you get to go to heaven that is. This life is a test and is full of devilish trickery and sugarcoated demonic activity according to Pastor Lester Sumrall. The devil wants people to deny his existence and forget that he is real. Jesus himself had many encounters with the devil and mentions him many times in the bible. He was the ultimate weapon against Satan and his demons. They get very frustrated when Jesus comes around into the mix.

Each day we are faced with temptation on T.V and on the radio, in our music, and it is being normalized. We are constantly in a battle of spiritual warfare and unless you invite the devil in through straying from strictly believing in the bible and Jesus, he most likely won't come in to your life. Sumrall was a pastor who has preformed many upon many exorcisms and testifies that the demons possessing the people never tried to hurt him and in fact would just get annoyed, want him to go away, and ultimately flee from their human host in the name of Jesus Christ. This is contrary to the impression of an exorcism we have based on the movie The Exorcist makes them out to be. There are of course extreme cases and true accounts of very demonic possessions of people and a strong resistance by the demon inside of the person to leave, but his apparently a lot of them are pretty calm and you have to have good judgment to determine the demon inside because the demon inside simply gets annoyed that it has been caught and just wants you to go away! Fascinating. Some Insight on Demons and the Devil:

1st of all Demons Lie, According to Luster Sumrall, Pentecostal Pastor and Evangelist , they are not more powerful than Jesus Christ.

2nd, Quoted in the Bible "Resist the devil and he will flee from you".-James 4-7

3rd, Evil spirits are drawn to cities, You can dwell in a country side and be free from all demonic spirits but according to Lester Sumrall you can't be a Christian and ask the stars for guidance and your horoscopes for answers and be a Christian

4th, Quoted from the Bible "Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. " 1 John: 4-4.

5th, Quoted from the Bible "The Devil is a thief whose three fold work is to steal. and to kill and to destroy. " -John 10:10.

Jesus Was Spared even as a baby because an Angel had warned Mary and Joseph to flee into Egypt for A while. And when he did return to Nazareth why did normal people attempt to kill a good, kind fellow citizen? It was abnormal. It was the devil seeking to destroy him before his time.

“When Jesus spoke the word (to leave it's human host) the demons had to go, and the people were sent free.”

Christ knew the number of spirit demons a person had, he could bring out one, or he could bring out a thousand. Lester Sumrall discovered that demons seek to dwell in humans as he first found out when he first attempted mission work in the Island of Java. Among the spiritual people dwelling in darkness these demons were not confined to the islands of the sea but be convinced, look around and notice our work is cut out for us. This means that they are all over the world if we just opened our eyes to it and in further reading you will see what Lester considers a evil spirit that can be dwelling in you right this very second,


Christian's Can Be Possessed:
A True Story From One of Lester Sumrall's Exorcisms.

One of the Daughter's of the publisher of a philopena's newspaper became possessed and called on Sumrall for Help. She would beat the piano instead of play it, choked the cat until it died, and beat her own head with her own fists until she became unconscious. Finally she refused to eat altogether. For three months the DR. kept her alive with intravenous feeding. She proclaimed that something was in her throat and stomach that wouldn't allow food to enter. If this case entered today they would diagnose as Anorexia Nervosa, about which much has been written in recent years... The girl's father realized it was spiritual possession when the Dr.'s and and other family did not know which way to turn... Sumrall was called upon by the father and told the father that he will fast for 2 days and return to pray for the girl under on e condition...the condition was that she eats after she is prayed for deliverance for. Although no none could see who or what was at the front gate that day the girl screamed when Sumrall arrived. In fact she exclaimed "I will not see him" and ran into the basement. Sumrall and the parents had both fasted for two days and were not offended by what she had to say, after all she was possessed by a devil related demon.... She stood in the corner of the basement shaking with a knife in her hand trying to scare off Sumrall...Sumrall shook the knife out of her hand and began to pray. The mother, father, and Sumrall all saw visible movements in the girl's stomach as the Evil Came out. For the first time in months the girl began to eat a feast and feared she was going to die for her intestines were flat and hadn't been used in months...Sumrall reassured her that she was not going to die, rather live because of the food she was ingesting. Even after the meal she felt nauseous but after Sumrall walked her through the garden and talked with her about the powers of God and how she must now live for God, with every step she became stronger. She was healed great joy returned to her family.

God Wants Us To Be Happy

Even Depression is the devil. God does not want anyone depressed or sad. The Devil takes advantage of those people that will destroy their happiness, their homes, their businesses, and maybe even their lives through suicide. Even those mourning the loss of a loved one shouldn't mourn forever, the bible says "A merry heart doeth good like medicine" -Proverb 17:22. Depression is dangerous because it brings about an abnormal state of inactivity.

If you're in a state of depression constantly, only Christ can deliver you. The cure for depression is to solely call upon Christ and place all your problems and worries and keepings in his keeping. "Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you."

When the devil tries to weigh you down with sadness or perplexity, rebuke him in the name of Jesus Christ. Say, "I am trusting God, and I don't have to be worried or anxious or sad or depressed. Go away, Satan, In Jesus's name!"

One of the greatest blessings of being a Christian is a strong mind that is capable of rejecting the unreasonable demands of fear. Satan wants you to fear disease and things like "losing your mind one day" in old age.

How To Rebuke Satan

REPEAT, " You get out of here, Jesus is here, in his name I command you to leave!"

Then start singing church songs all day long! lol

" Resist the DEVIL and he will Flee From You,". -James 4-7. What a simple and effective solution, if only temptation wasn't constantly biting at our ankles or appearing in our life innocently disguised as a new spiritual belief system that seems positive enough, as your favorite type of music, or favorite tv shows.

We have the right to make him run but when we start playing in his territory we are in danger. This means we have the god given strength, permission, and right to make everything associated with the devil to flee from us but if we are still evenly slightly dabbling in anything not of god's wishes we are in dangerous territory because that means it is the Devil's territory.

According to Sumrall, anger is a spirit which can possess you, adultery is a spirit than can possess you, jealousy is a spirit, blasphemy is a spirit, lying is a spirit, and overall evil spirits can enter the life of a "believer".

If we obeyed the commandment "to be filled with Spirit" -Eph 5:18, then we give no place for the Devil to enter our lives.

The Devil Is Everywhere

According to Sumrall, TODAY'S DEVIL advertises his himself in many of ways. Including your daily horoscope, It is never out in the open with a red warning sign "Devil" on it but it is never far from the surface.

He feels that the Native Indians lives have always been burdened by witchcraft, evil spirits, magik and that African slaves with their voodoo practices and beliefs brought much superstition and fear with them in the early days of America.

Today people are turning back to these things instead of believing in the living God.

Occult is very clearly forbidden in the bible. "I am the Lord, your God,: God Said, and warned others in Leviticus 19:31: He makes it clear to look to him for all things.

Moses commanded the Israelites not to regard those who have familiar spirits or seek after wizards. This is interesting that this goes back so far in history and Jesus specifically warned of people who we could even say have a "gift" to see spirits and those who explore any other type of belief to comfort them, but God said, therefore that is simply what it is!

God warns of all supernaturalism that is not him. In the 1st Century, Paul warned against idols that are of evil supernaturalism.

According to Lester Sumrall, We must clean out our hearts, what we wear on our bodies, and our homes. We must dig out the very roots of our superstition and all that has to do with the devil's power.

To become a Christian you just have to say the "sinner's prayer" and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Sinner's Prayer:

“Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner. I believe You died for my sins so I could be forgiven. I receive You as my Lord and Savior. Thank You for coming into my life. Amen.”

My (Ashley Renee's) Core Beliefs of Christianity From Life Experience:

So far, since both actively calling spirits and doing tarot cards, the one thing in ”witch craft” that has not caused my any spiritual backlash or brought any unwanted spirits into my life is doing tarot cards. Never have I become haunted from doing tarot cards. When I stopped calling upon spirits and trying to summon something (anything) from the other side it took years but the spirits did go away after time of me not putting my energy towards them any longer. Tarot cards however have never caused even the slightest spooky eerie feeling in the air. It was doing unprotected calling of ghosts that let in any kind of spirit that was available (or wanting) to come in to my realm. All along I have believed in Jesus and prayed to Jesus starting since I was a kid. I didn't realize that what I was practicing (until reading Lester Sumrall's Book) was basically of the devil because I never unincluded Jesus from my life, he was always included every step of the way.

I have a very specific day that I would like to share with you. I have cried out to Jesus Christ with all my might and have been answered through texts on my phone of songs like the one that Moses sang to the Israelites (Az Yashir Moshe) texted to me from a phone number in almost all #7’s. This event occurred on a day that I was extremely upset and it was shortly after my grandparents died who raised me along side my parents my whole life. I was angry at my dad and my emotions were high as I stared at the picture of my grandparents crying and calling out to God with every fiber of my being. I was talking deeply to him as if he was right there listening to me...all of a sudden I got a text on my cell phone from a phone number consisting of mostly the number 7's and the message was "Yashir". At first I was puzzled like ok is this Jesus communicating to me and what does this even mean, Well it dawned on me to google this "Yashir" word and what popped up blew my mind! It was the name of a song that Moses sang to the Israelites and told me through the lyrics that god too was angry like me at one time and told me that my enemies would be cast to the red sea. You can look it up yourself. This occurred while I was crying out to God with all my might.... My relationship with Jesus has shown me that not only is he present and listening to me but that he is open to everything that I am and accepts me for me. This includes my “witch craft” type practices on occasion. He either doesn’t care or is forgiving of me, in either circumstance he has not abandoned me and has been more present with me and has payed more attention to my cries for help than I ever thought possible.

“I do tarot cards and sometimes celebrate the phases of the moon, but I am a Christian.” -Ashley Renee

I personally believe that the Bible is full of everything you can do wrong and then the whole moral of it is that you are forgiven. As long as you accept Jesus Christ as your savior and ask for forgiveness. I’m not sure about serial killers but most of them call upon Satan himself for help anyways, not Jesus. I’m not thinking that a certain type of person like a serial killer could ever believe in a higher power of good knowing what he is doing is exactly the opposite. I do believ