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Make Your House Look Clean: The Illusion of 2 Clean Rooms.

Updated: Mar 7

How to impress anyone who comes over with short notice.

We all get lazy sometimes with cleaning, and then what happens when it is time to clean? Sometimes we get overwhelmed, sometimes we just plain dread it and would rather be dreaming. I have advice from my great grandmother, and there's a fairly easy way to make your guests think your house is pretty clean!

Tip #1 - Clean Your Bathroom

This sounds simple but it is very effective.

Tip #2 - Not Just the clutter

While Cleaning your bathroom make sure to get that under the toilet seat clean. Details are what is important here, we want to make people who visit us think "Wow, she's/ he's Clean.

Tip #3 - Clean Your Kitchen

We can't help but notice the kitchen when walking into a house, it is a main focus, we gather around food, not to mention it is usually smack dab in the middle of a house. When our kitchen AND our bathroom looks clean, the whole house tends to.

Tip #4 - Look Up

We may go around and dust but do you look up? For example could you reach up and swipe the top of your doorway's crown molding and have a dust-free finger?

Tip #5 - Polish

Any time we have stainless steel we should polish it, when we have wood, polish it.

Now How Can Your Guests Deny You Have a Clean Home With These Tips?

Grandma added the first 3 tips, I added the last ones. You can leave a comment below if you agree, differ, or want to thank me even :)

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