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Witchcraft 11/20/21

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Purpose of this Blog

I am studying different beliefs as well as how they rid of negative unwanted energies. I have been haunted growing up so was my mom, and now my kids are speaking of seeing things. I am on a spiritual quest to rid of anything negative or harmful that may be attached to our house or our family. In the journal section in the bottom is mainly where they will be located if you are interested.

What Do Witches Believe In?

Witches believe in using Herbs, different tools, crystals, and nature to connect to spirit. Negative energy is un wanted. Unless you're into that kind of thing.... Using sage, a selenite crystal wand, a cinnamon broom, or mugwart you can cleanse your space of unwanted energies before conducting magik, after someone you do not like enters your sacred space, before or after a full/new moon, after an energetically draining day, before starting a new job or project, or when needing to clear the energy of certain objects (tarot cards, crystals) you can cleanse them with these as well.

There are different types of witches: Hereditary Witch (some witches are generational, passed down family practices/recipes, etc.), Green Witch (some work mainly with nature and the earth, recognizing everything as a spirit), Kitchen Witch (some incorporate spells while cooking), The Faery Faith (some work with beings like unicorns and faeries and other beings which only are believed to exist in astral realms), Wiccan (some believe in neo-paganism which is based on the beliefs of the ancient Celts, working mainly with nature), Ceremonial Magik Witch (some have a secretive magik like the Hermeticism and Western Esotericism that involve long complex rituals), Chaos Magik Witch (Some connect the conscious and subconscious for a desired outcome), and the Eclectic Witch (Some create their own path and draw from their heritage, passions, and different strands of magik.),..

You might be wondering, "WHAT ABOUT WHITE AND BLACK MAGIC WITCHES?" Well according to the author Gabriela Herstik Who Write the Book "Inner Witch" there is no such thing as good or bad magic, it is all just energy until a witch adds her own two cents into it. Each witch has their own intentions but their beliefs are relatively similar.

Witches believe in worshipping the mother moon, or moon goddess by celebrating the phases of the moon/ lunar and solar eclipses as holidays, and by talking to "her." By worshipping the sun and the moon like our ancestors did we can too harness that ancient power. God is not a man in the sky in the eyes of a witch, it is more of a all powerful force referred to as the Universe, God is essentially the feeling of being in love, seeing the stars on a dark night, the smell of fresh roses, and much more.

Not only do they believe in Karma but that it always teaches us a valuable lesson. Comparing it to newtons third law of motion, every action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction, it is sort like that except that Karma is basically the power of your own actions boomeranging back at you in a magnified and even bigger way than you did the actions in the first place. Positive inspiring more positive and negative inspiring more negative. The time it takes for karma to heal or cause wounds can be years. We have personal karma, family karma, and cultural karma. All these play a role in our lives and like cellular rollover minutes they roll on over into each lifetime we live.

Speaking of different lifetimes, life after death is an individual story to each witch. To some who believe in neo-paganism it is the Summerland, in other eastern traditions it might be Nirvana, to some it may be reincarnation, and there is no right answer about what happens after we die according to witches.

Is this witchcraft recognized as a religion?

Wicca is very much currently recognized as a real religion now. According to Raymond Buckland author of "Wicca For Life" you can't really dabble in witch craft you either are a Wiccan or you are not. This of course one branch of witchcraft, but this is the religion per say of witchcraft. Wiccans believe in a male and female creator, that there has to be both. That is why they aren't able to fully believe in Christianity. Christianity came after this wiccan "old religion" had been about, well, for this entire time Christianity came about and seemed much like a manmade religion used for power and control. For those who didn't encounter Jesus himself and just started hearing about him, it was easy to pretty much stay wiccan "the old religion." Christianity was the new religion and at first there wasn't much competition but pretty soon it turned in to more and more of the new religion being pressured to convert to. You see this new concept that one being ruled the bad things and one power ruled all good things was "a sophisticated and new" concept to people. In the beginning the creator itself was the creator of all things, good and bad. It was easier to stick with the old religion for a lot of Wiccans. The new religion just kind of popped up and soon they started making Wiccan places of worship into Christian ones and expecting everyone to still go there and just naturally covert because it had changed. This wasn't the case though. It got to the point where anything that wasn't in the bible was was deemed witchcraft. Anything that couldn't be pinpointed in the word of the bible was just witchcraft and it became so that if someone wanted someone's property all they had to say was the word witchcraft, no one would question it, and they could execute the "witch-crafter" and obtain that land. It became a thing.

Wiccans believe in a certain type of baptism. The ritual bath followed by a ritual. During the ritual the witch be either nude or in special clothes only used for such purposes. A lot of them prefer a robe if not going nude. Avoid polyester and nylon and you will be comfortable. This goes for all rituals **

Wiccans believe in numerology. Refer to my post on numerology**

Wiccans do have an official baptism type ritual but they feel that everyone should only practice what makes sense to them and that ultimately every religion is praying to the same thing.


During the Sabbats, usually when the moon is full, witches would gather in fields and honor the moon as the Great Mother by dancing, chanting, and raising energy. The moon represents our inner world, the subconscious, and a reminder that we are allowed to transform as often as we'd like! Often times if you are part of a coven then you will get together with them and celebrate these holidays.

  • 1) Yule. Also known as “Midwinter” or Winter Solstice is identified as either the start or end of a year as per the distinct yearly cycle.

  • 2) Imbolc. Also usually known as Brigid’s Day, Imbolc is a Wiccan holiday that celebrates the promise of Spring.

  • 3)Ostara.

  • 4) Beltane.

  • 5) Litha.

  • 6) Lammas/Lughnasadh.

  • 7) Mabon.

  • 8) Samhain.

  • More about the 8 main wiccan holidays:

Fortune Telling

Witches do tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, scrying (Looking into Crystal Balls), and use pendulums. Take a look at my other post "How-To Tarot and Oracle Cards" to learn how to read Tarot Cards. Tarot cards and other oracles are what witches look to for answers. Quiji boards are darker energy oracle type of magik, And Quiji boards are calling on and inviting in outside spirits and that is something most witches try to avoid by casting circles and smudging before preforming magik. There is however the choice to summon these types of energies and preform "Black Magic" is up to you. I will make a section on black magik. Witches use many forms of oracles for fortune telling such as tarot cards, runes, crystal ball gazing, pendulums, and ogham staves.


Chakras and energy is a real thing. Casting spells and all the things witches do are based on the energy of intention. Even though originating in Hindi, the Chakras have been found all over the world being acknowledged in different practices. There are more energy centers in the body than we can count but the main 7 are said to be linked to the main branches of our nervous system. Keeping our chakras aligned might not be the practice of every which but for those Eclectic Witches like the Author of Inner witch is, they acknowledge and find meaning in all different types of religious practices having to do with energy because Witches believe everything is energy. Wiccans specifically refer to the chakras as "kundalini" energy.

What happens when root chakra is out of alliance: paranoia

When it is balanced: Feeling of trust and a good attitude.

How I learned to ground my root chakra: Listen to Mongolian Throat Singing, remind your root chakra that abundance is the happy tendency of the universe (after all there are 10 quintillion species of insects on Earth, Thanksgiving dinner usually has around 4,500 calories, and there are 37.2 trillion cells in our human body), and write gratitude lists.

When Sacral Chakra is out of alignment you do creative self sabotage, have a lack of enthusiasm, bursts of untamed emotion.

When it is balanced: Intimacy's easy, relationships are healthy.

How I learned to ground my Sacral Chakra: Writing all baggage down on paper and literally set it on fire for the ultimate feeling and symbolism of letting go of energetic imprints from our past relationships. (Like rocks piled up in a river bed they block energetic flow.) Open up your pleasure center also by making a pleasure list of all the things you enjoy and things you been wanting to do creatively and completing at least one of them each day for a whole week. (Could be anything from eating food that makes your stomach smile to watching that movie that makes you laugh more than most movies do).

When Solar Plexus Chakra is out of alignment: You feel void of ambition, too much ego. When it is balanced: confident and inspired to actively pursue goals.

How I learned to balance my Solar Plexus: Listen to songs that are written in the key of E, writing an opinion list on random topics, after all the solar plexus thrives on separating itself from the rest of the pack. It is ready to remind you that finding your voice is practice worth practicing.

When Heart Chakra is out of alignment: jealousy, stinginess, excessive in self interest.

When it is balanced: open heart/forgive easily.

How I practiced aligning my heart chakra today: Reminding myself why I am lovable. I also did a random act of kindness like today I picked up litter that wasn't mine, wrote a gratitude list (all said to improve mood and open the heart).


Witches believe in astrology. They believe that your astrological birth chart rules your relationships with people and shows the different aspects of your personality and that certain planets influence or lives at different times like for example when mercury goes in "retrograde". This tends to relate to times when technology crashes, we start bringing people from our past back into our lives, and is it suggested not to make legally binding agreements during this time. Information on your birth Chart can be found on websites like cafeastrology.com. The different planets change shifts in each zodiac sign and each has meaning as well and effects each sign different. Certain signs are more compatible than others and I am sure you've heard about astrology but if you haven't you can go to astrology.com for compatibility information (which signs get along, etc), read your horoscope (or at horoscope.com is my favorite for daily horoscopes), and also just to learn more in the learn link (about astrology). It has information on each sign as well if you want to know your sign's traits and see if you think they match you or not you can just click on your zodiac sign constellation to find out. Your sun sign is the sign for when you were born the day and month, like if June 1st your birthday your zodiac is a Gemini... you get the idea. Sun Sign is the name of the zodiac in which the sun was positioned at the time of birth. Sun signs are used in Western Astrology to make future predictions wherein, sun constellation and sun ascendant are the major factors for the determination of the zodiac sign.

There are additional signs we have though, like our moon sign, and our rising sign. Definition of Moon Sign. Your Moon sign is the sign of the zodiac where the Moon was when you were born. In astrology, it makes up one-third of your primal triad. The Moon represents your emotions and your feelings and how you respond to the world around you and the people in it.

The rising sign represents how you see things and how other people see you. In other words, it’s how you convey your true self.

You can learn more about your moon sign at www.cafeastrology.com and your rising sign at astrosofa.com.