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Drinking Ketones 11/30/21

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

This is like a keto diet except you can actually eat carbs and still make your body go in to ketosis as long as you are drinking what is called "KEYTONES". Ask me how to get them in the "Let's Chat" box on the bottom right of this screen.

I am drinking keytones and doing a overall keto diet. I am trying to get my body to go into ketosis. I get to eat great stuff still It is just not forgiving to carbs. I can eat meat, cheese, drink lemonade with stevia sweetener ( not sugar), yogurt, nuts, vegetables, and salads with the right dressings. Before and after pictures are on my Instagram.


Journal Entry 12/18/2021

Overall this diet is great if you are diabetic or prediabetic and that is important to me because I am pre diabetic since I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I have cheated after my ten day challenge but did great my first ten days then had a huge bread/carb binge. Be careful of running out of your keto go-to snacks because its easy to see carbs, realize you've been deprived of them, and get overwhelmed with temptation for a piece of bread with butter. Apparently this is OK as long as I keep drinking my keytones. I'm trudging on and continuing my keto diet despite my slip up and still hope that my body goes into ketosis.



This is so great because I can order a keto jack in the box buttery jack by making it a lettuce wrap no bun :D


10 Day Challenge


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