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A.T.M House Cleaning Business

Updated: Mar 2

Dirty House? I can help with that! That's me below...

I have been doing house cleaning the past couple of years and have experience cleaning at almost every job I have had for the past 11 years. I do cleaning and disinfecting with each service I provide. I am detail oriented and care about your house! Please contact me with the Chat Box at the bottom of the page if you want my services. I Charge $40/Hour and work within 20 miles of Sacramento, CA. I am a business owner/ background checked through the previous company I worked at (homeaglow/dazzling/cozy maids/handy) and you can find me on homeaglow's website still with reviews and everything at https://homeaglow.com/ashleyrusse

Anything you need clean, I can do it...not to mention I am pretty fast because I start and rarely stop cleaning until I am finished...and I have a bit of OCD so if something is not clean then it will bug me and I'll have to clean it... lucky for you!


What does a Standard Cleaning Include?

Dusting/Cobweb Removal



Clean/Disinfect Kitchen

Clean/Disinfect Bathrooms

Mirror Cleaning

Take Out Trashes

Disinfect Door Handles

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