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HOW TO- Tarot Cards and Oracles 11/28/21

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

There’s a couple things that I do to help me feel like I have answers, some people (like the pastor of evangelism) would say I shouldn’t know the future.


That may be true, but I am diagnosed with real depression and that being said, not all normal ways of doing things comfort me. Sometimes I ease my thoughts with free angel card readings at freeangelcardreadings.net and find comfort in the cards. Other times I want a yes or no answer so I go to tarotlive.com and do their yes/no spread. This is In replacement of my real tarot cards if I am not near my own deck. It might be silly but sometimes just knowing something more than I did or getting a positive suggestion and redirection of my attention, with say an angel card, makes all the difference sometimes for my worries on my mind

“Praying to god with every fiber of your being is super intense, and will surely bring you answers as well”

Sometimes flipping to a random page in the bible when you have a question will bring you surprisingly relevant answers. like magic. This method Isn’t considered that of an occult either. (For those who don’t want to stray off the Straight and narrow path of the word of the Bible).

Reading Tarot Cards

While reading tarot cards may seem daunting or foreign it is really quite simple. You have your deck of cards, make sure all cards start out facing the same direction. Depending on if your doing them for yourself or someone else you’ll take the following steps: if you’re going to read someone else’s cards you will want to hand them the deck, tell them to think about a subject they want to know about and shuffle it anyway they like until the cards literally start sticking together. That’s when the cards are ready. Have them hand the deck to you and then spread the cards out (fan them out) in a long curved line facing them (so they see it as a mouth of a sad face essentially) and then have them close their eyes and pick however many cards you need for what spread you guys decided on doing. My go to spread is the Celtic Cross Spread and It takes 10 cards. Again have them focus in their topic they want to know about and have their eyes closed as they wave their hand above the cards and pick each card, hand it to you, you lay it down how they handed it to you (direction of cars is a key part of the accuracy of the reading). if they are overwhelmed by not knowing what card to pick tell them there should be heat coming from certain cards or tingling. That’s your card! Once all 10 cards have been picked you can slide the cards back into a deck and set them aside while you start to flip over the cards in the spread. There is a manual that comes with each deck of tarot cards and it tells you what each card means. There is the divinatory meaning and the reversed meaning. for just about every card. Divinatory cards are right side up and reversed meanings are what you read for the card if it is upside down. For Each Spread the number of the card plays a role in the meaning as well. For the Celtic Cross Spread card

1= Present Situation

2=Obstacles 3= Goal 4=Distant Past Affecting Now 5=Recent past affecting Now 6=Near Future 7=Directed at the person asking 8=Environmental Factors 9=Hopes, dreams, inner desires, fears 10=Outcome

You can Google this spread amongst others and it will show you how to lay out the cards that are given to you, in order, and make it look like the real Celtic cross spread. It may vary in definitions of the placements of cards but my first tarot deck came with directions telling me to do it the way that I do and that’s how I keep it going.

You can also do the shuffle step and then go straight into having the questionnaire split the deck into three piles and do a past present future spread. That one is very simple and you can ask about a topic as well. Most the time you do not ask yes or no questions. You ask the cards about something specific and the placement of the cards kind of answers your yes or no question you may have by itself.

Angel Cards

All you have to do is shuffle them as much as you desire and then take the card out of the deck that you feel drawn to. With angel cards it doesn't matter if the card is upside down or right side up there is only one message for the card. All the cards hold a positive message.


Pick a random rune/ogham out of the bag while asking about something you want to know about. There is your answer.

Crystal Ball Gazing

AKA Scrying. Look into a black shiny surface or black or clear crystal ball. Looking for symbols you stare into the surface and things will come to you as you interpret them and or can look up and find their meaning. Apparently it is very meditative and you can see the world through another perspective (like the sphere shape) and it changes perspectives and mindsets and opens the mind.

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