Pink Sugar



My name is Ashley I am 28 years young and am setting out on a business adventure that  I am excited about. I hope you find my services useful and interesting because I am here to share my interests and skills professionally and openly. I am a mother of 3, 2 girls and a Boy. I love my children with all of my heart, obviously, and as you can already imagine, as a mom the kids are my world. My life revolves around my "chicken nuggets" (is what I call them for fun) and  they definitely rule the roost. I love cooking, walking along the river trails, make up,  puma shoes, music, and candles. I am a very versatile and adaptable person and a very resourceful one. I have done a lot of things in these past 28 years, laughed  a bunch , tried not to cry too much, and have had both hard mountains to climb and lazy rivers to relax in but I am here in one piece, proud of where I have been and where I am going.  I am also a lisenced esthetician but ever since covid the Salon businesses have really taken a hit and not many people are coming out for facials and things like that at this time so I decided to start my own cleaning business  since I had been cleaning for a friend for a couple of years and started to look into it more and it just was the puzzle piece that fit for me.  I love the instant gratification that cleaning gives you and  as they say "cleanliness is godliness",  I am happy to be  the person making the godly cleanliness ;)